A note on shipping

23 December 2011: “A bit of good news for our customers in Canada and the USA, we can now offer slightly cheaper shipping rates for parcels over 1.2kg (so a really heavy size 7 wrap or two or more wraps together). For those in the Far East and Australia we have cheaper rates for parcels over 2kg. These will all be sent with Royal Mail’s Parcelforce so no worries about fees etc.”

22 August 2011: “For all our customers from mainland Europe: we’ve changed our shipping system so that multiple orders will be MUCH cheaper now. Good news if you want to order more than one item and for group orders smile-emoticon For those in the UK we’re about to do the same so the max you will pay, no matter how much you order, for next day delivery will be around £7!! (usually around £3-£5 for a single item).”

25 July 2011: “Its been brought to my attention that there’s been ‘brokerage charges’ occurring through our new mail carrier. I’m really disappointed to hear this as I called and checked this out with them, and they reassured me it wouldn’t be a problem. I will be in touch with them to complain. Big apologies to anyone who’s been charged. Rest assured I wont be using them unless this can be sorted, and all current orders will be shipped with Royal Mail. I will still look into reducing overseas postage as I hope to make our slings as accessible as possible, but will make sure this doesn’t happen in future.”

6 July 2011: “Good news for all our overseas customers, we are organising a mail carrier to keep our shipping costs as low as possible, especially if you order more than one item at a