Oscha’s different blends

Oscha started out with 100% linen, 100% cotton, 20% linen/80% cotton and 50% cotton/50% linen wraps.

The end of 2011 saw the first wool blend releases as well as the first triblend releases: 46% lambswool/20% linen/34% cotton (JKO Polaris and JKC Mistletoe) and 46% lambswool/54% cotton (Roses Noel, Nouveau Aurora, Strato Polaris). JKC Yuki (2012) was a similar blend, 50% wool 20% linen 30% cotton. JKO Yuki was similar too, only heavier.

Silk was introduced in 2012, with a first teaser on 14 June (“Is anyone feeling, erm….silky?”). The first release was Strato Adhar – 40% tussah silk, 60% cotton.