Buying, selling & trading in Facebook groups // OSIC

Here’s a visual guide to help you understand buying, selling and/or trading (BST) in the Oscha Slings International Community Facebook group (OSIC). OSIC is the place to be to ask your questions, “geekery”, to have fun and admire Oscha items, and for buying, selling and trading said items.

First, set up your feedback link. It’s tried and tested though in no way fool proof way to leave and receive feedback on transactions (buying, selling and trading). You can read more about how to set one up here.

Next, familiarise yourself with the “standard etiquette” and best practices when buying, selling and/or trading. In short: pay using PayPal’s goods & services option, send securely and well wrapped, check the item upon receiving it and always stay in contact with each other. More info in detail below.

I’m selling stuff, what should I do?

Start by making sure you actually want to sell 😉 and while you’re thinking about that, create a PayPal account if you don’t already have one. If you’re certain, prepare to make a ‘for sale’ (FS), ‘for sale only’ (FSO) (indicating that you’re not looking to trade it), ‘for sale or trade’ (FSOT), or ‘for trade only’ (FTO) post.

Check your item to be able to accurately describe its state, take a picture of it and include it in your post. Then, write your FS(OT) post, wait for a buyer, have the buyer pay you using PayPal (more on that below) and stay in contact until the item has arrived with its new owner. Finally, ask your happy buyer to leave you some feedback. Everybody happy ;). Should something go wrong, never hesitate to contact admins.

Need more detailed info? You can find it below!