Oscha throws have been specially woven to make thick, cosy blankets, they feature our exclusively adapted patterns and are made from premium quality yarns. Our elegant throws are the perfect addition to any home. 

Why choose an Oscha Throw or Baby Blanket?

  • Cosy & snuggly, perfect for any home.
  • Feature iconic Oscha designs.
  • Woven in Great Britain from the finest yarns.
  • Finished without the use of any nasties.

Throws – approx. 190cm x 135cm
Baby Blankets – approx. 90cm x 55 cm


My Oscha… throws preorder

The second preorder of the My Oscha preorder group that first did a mug preorder. This preorder features throws and baby blankets on the “Frost” grad, with selected patterns Misty Mountains, Ancients of Gondor, Starry Night and Victoriana. Blend: 65% bamboo viscose, 35% tencel.

First throw was sent out in time for the group admin’s birthday on January 22nd 2018. The big batch went out on January 25th. It was then discovered that because the throws and baby blankets are woven to order, and different yarns have different shrink rates, the final products turned out to be longer than expected, but also narrower. Sometimes by as much as 20cm either way. Average dimensions should have been: approx 190cm x 135cm, about 400 gsm for the throws and approx 90cm x 70 cm, 400gsm for the baby blankets.

Disappointed customers could return their items for a full refund. Oscha promised to make it clearer for future preorders that the sizes would be approximate and could vary.


My Oscha…

On the collection.