Oscha introduced the Okinami pattern as a teaser on 12 December 2012. It’s inspired by ukiyo artist Katsushika Hokusai’s woodblock print “The Great wave off Kanagawa“.

Oscha hinted at the introduction introduction on 16 November 2012: “We also have a new design coming, which has been in the works since Oscha was first conceived so we’re really looking forward to sharing that with you all soon.”

After a few teaser close-up pics, Oscha posted more pictures in an album on Facebook on 12 December 2012: “Presenting a new pattern, 20% linen.” A more elaborate description about the development followed. “It’s really lovely to read your comments about Okinami – this was the first design I wanted to make when we started Oscha but couldn’t quite get it to work – then one morning I woke up and saw how it could come together! This Okinami is in the new ‘Kai’ colourway. It is not part of a collection so will be listed under ‘Solos’. We are currently planning to list it tomorrow afternoon – we’ll update with a time soon.”

A fan posted: “Aah, see how the Fades have been central in the design development for this gorgeous wrap? ❤

Okinami immediately had a lot of fans and it has remained a firm favorite with Oscha’s customers for years. Oscha ‘paused’ the pattern for a while but then re-introduced it again, eventually making it available for preorders again too.

A Juliet prototype piece was made into an Obimama carrier for Zoe, paired with Roses Juliet. Made before 2013: “This half-buckle wrap conversion is made by Jenn of Obimama from a Roses Juliet in cotton and wild silk and 100% cotton tester piece in Okinami Juliet. It is a tall stage 3 with zen straps measuring approx 70”. It has a 25″ extended waistband, buckle waist, internal linen/cotton layer, adjustable hood, neck roll and knee pads. “