Special offers


This is your opportunity to get a quality Oscha sling at a bargain price!

Special offer slings may be end of line, prototype models, or have some small mark or weaving flaw. All the items here meet our high standards and are all in fine condition. There may be unique one offs as we develop our range of slings and our dye techniques.


We quality check and grade all our products, as some have inevitable weaving flaws. A grade one wrap will be free of flaws, a grade two will have a few flaws which are only apparent when looking carefully for them. Grade three products have flaws which, whilst not compromising the safety or integrity of the wrap, will be somewhat more apparent.

Dyed wraps and ring sling second and third grade flaws normally relate to imperfections in the hand dye finish…odd small splashes, or slightly blotchy finish.

Please note that 50% linen wraps may have small irregularities such as nubs and slubs or slightly uneven thread – this is the natural texture of linen yarn. Any slings in 20% linen may have small dark spots on them, again this is the result of the natural linen fibre blended with the cotton in the warp yarn and is totally normal.