Japanese Knot

2012 (website):

Oscha Slings are delighted to introduce Japanese Knot, a jacquard weave wrap inspired by traditional Japanese designs. Japanese Knot will be available in a larger and smaller version of the pattern, Ooki and Chiisai respectively. By altering the size of the pattern a whole new look is created – one strong, bold and vibrant, the other more intricate and refined. We will be using using blends of the highest quality cotton and linen yarns.

The result is a fabric of great quality and refinement, which wraps beautifully, with a considered density and tension to the threads for great support and ‘give’ when carrying your little treasure!

5 March 2013, Facebook comments: “Have you seen pics of what people call the tester JK Sand? I believe it is the same as that, so more contrast than the original Aiko.”
“It” refers to Japanese Knot Ooki Aiko V2.