12 April 2013:
“1st prize: Matrix prototype grey/ecru 100% cotton, size 4. This is a new design that has so far only been woven as a prototype. It is made up of small detailed lines of pattern that are interupted and then re-emerge.”

The wrap that went up as the prize for a charity draw was the first presentation of this pattern.

First released as ‘Matrix Satori’, Matrix wasn’t a very popular pattern, until the release of preorder wrap Matrix Adara (black weft on a blue-purple warp). It was suggested that the popularity of Matrix was then increased by the popularity of striped handwoven wraps. Whatever the reason, Matrix has since become a popular pattern, both as regular releases and part of preorders.

Inspired by the movie ‘The Matrix‘ where green numbers flow vertically across a black screen, the release of Matrix Satori was accompanied by a fun photoshoot that featured clothes and accessories (sunglasses!) reminiscent of the movie.