This pattern was first introduced as part of the 2013 Deep Forest Collection. Phaise Juniper was het first run, although (of course) a tester had been woven.

“Introducing a new pattern, here a fade of colour is created using subtle patterns in the weave. The first few images are of Phaise Juniper, which is part of the Deep Forest Collection, this is in 100% cotton. The last few pictures are of a tester wrap, we’ve included these because the close up images show the small weave patterns nicely. Please note the ecru/grey version is not currently for sale.”

15 March 2013
As requested, here’s a review of Phaise, kindly written by Leigh:

“I was really interested in the Phaise design since I first saw a test swatch and felt the weave. It felt quite different in-hand from other wraps due to the texture present in the weave, it felt like there were lots of mini ridges and troughs in the areas where the stripes come through. These very textured areas are interspersed by areas of flat ground. I was curious how this would feel to wrap with – would… there be too much texture? So I was excited when I got a full sized wrap to play around with. I found that after a wash, dry and steam iron, the highly textured areas felt much less defined, they softened up and the ridges were less pronounced. I’ve found that this provides a good amount of grip but it certainly doesn’t go overboard, especially combined with the smoother areas.

In terms of wrapping qualities, like other 100% cotton Oschas I’ve used, this feels very supportive. I would say it is a relatively thick cotton wrap, thicker than my JKZO. It softened up very quickly and is pretty easy to wrap with – passes slide with ease but the wrap isn’t slippery. It feels cushy with some stretch and a small amount of bounce. No sagging at all, once wrapped everything stays where I put it. I really enjoy using this wrap, it was great when Ben was a newborn as it was nice and soft and squidgy for him, and it continues to be great as he grows. A friend of mine borrowed this for a month or so to use with her toddler and she also fell in love with it so it is toddler-worthy as well.

It is probably worth mentioning that the ecru cotton Oscha uses often breaks in more quickly than some of the dyed cottons so it is possible that other colourways of this design might require a bit more breaking in to get to the same state, but they will be well worth it!”