15 February 2013: “When Eros was woven we loved the red on ecru as well as the ecru on red, because of that we never reached a clear decision about hemming before it went to the machinists and therefore it was made up both ways. Since we thought this one looked so good on either side we figured this wasn’t too much of an issue, however we did mean to point it out. Unfortunately, it was quite some time ago, and well, we just clean forgot! We do apologise that this wasn’t stated and we hope this isn’t too much of a problem as the wrap really is lovely on both sides and can be worn with either side out, however you’re welcome to get in touch to discuss this further.”

Following user comments: “I have several that is hemmed the other way than some of the others. That is totally ok for me.”
“One example is my SL Caprica”
Flipped rails were suggested then too by a customer: “You know what kind of hemming would be cool? One rail the hemmed one side and the other hemmed the other side. That way you can just turn the wrap around and inside out and have a completely different wrap, with the upper rail hemmed “right”. A true reversable wrap.”