Lotus Grace


Lotus Grace

Graceful soft blue lotus flowers are bursting into bloom on a deep navy gadient. This elegant throw will tastefully complete any interior. 

Velvety and snuggly soft, it is an absolute must have this autumn and winter. It will sit beautifully over a king/super king bed as a runner or a super snuggly couch blanket. It will also make a wonderful present in the upcoming festive season – treat yourself or your loved one!

Produced ethically, our organic cotton is grown with care and without chemicals keeping the land, and farmers, healthy.

Machine wash on a delicate cycle, avoiding bleach and fabric softener. Dry flat. Iron on low.


Oscha’s accessories line has grown over the years to include not only scarves and keyrings but also throws, baby blankets, mugs and quite a few other items that have come and gone.
Throws are very nice and snuggly, very thick (and therefore not suitable for babywearing). They are meant as luxury items for your bed, living room or anywhere else that can use a touch of Oscha. They are woven in a variety of blends and patterns, resulting in throws that are ‘landscape’ and throws that are ‘portrait’ oriented, as well as a range of non-directional items.

Please note there is a difference between throws and “wrap throws”. Wrap throws are wrap fabric, but since the fabric is woven ‘double width’ on the loom, a throw (with a maximum width of 1,4m, dependent also on the weave and weft) can also be cut of the fabric.


A lotus flower pattern, designed by Oscha customer, Eugenia who is an illustrator and mother of two kids from Ukraine.

The first release of the pattern was Lotus Paige, released in 2020.


Grace has many meanings, but is also a (girls) name. It has several religious meanings too, meaning ‘benevolence’ or indicating a prayer of thanksgiving before or after a meal.

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