Dyed Grad Amelia on natural


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Dyed Grad Amelia on natural

Dyed Grad Amelia on natural: “Rich purple and indigo tones overlaid with magenta create a beautiful, elegant wrap on natural linen.”

Dyed Grad Amelia on white was the first wrap officially sold, I think (not on the website though). Another batch was made, this time on natural. Requests were filled first, the remainder sold on the website. They were previewed on 10 July 2011 and put up on the site on the 11th.

Oscha has hand dyed gradations on fine English and Irish linen, as well as on diamond weave cotton and linen/cotton blends. They are all lovingly hand dyed by Vicki Masters aka ‘Nana Oscha’.

Dyed Gradation

“The linen for our art and gradation dyed slings is sourced from a traditional manufacturer in Ireland, where it is woven on a famous old loom. Irish linen is amongst the finest in the world, with its finely spun yarn, its softness and strength. We then hand dye the linen using high-quality dyes to ensure long- lasting vibrant colour.

Our Irish linen is sourced from a traditional manufacturer, and woven to the highest standards. Irish linen is considered to be the best available. It is strong, durable and finely spun. The result is a wrap that supports wonderfully, wears remarkably well, and once broken in, feels silky soft. It also looks great when worn.

Of all textile fibres, linen is one of the most ecologically sound. It needs less fertilizers and pesticides than most other crops – it is low input and therefore more environmentally friendly. It is also renewable with a short growing cycle and every part of the plant is used. Flax fibre is stronger than cotton fibre and its properties were recognised as early as Phoenician times when it was used to make linen sails.

While Oscha may be most famous for its jacquard patterns, dyed gradations have always been a part of the in stock items on the website. They are very nice for warm (or even hot!) summers, keeping you cool like no other fabric will. Read more about the dye process on Oscha’s blog.


Made to resemble the colour of the Natural Mamas purple, the first Amelias were made on white Irish linen. Later they were made on natural Irish (and eventually English) linen. Quote: “that gorgeous rich, deep purple of Amelia now on natural linen with those earthy tones showing through”. This was also available on diamond weave.

Amelia is a girl’s name.

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Dyed Grad




Dyed Gradation

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10 July 2011

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11 July 2011


100% natural Irish linen

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Ring sling, Wrap


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