Alto Bluebell


  • Pattern: Alto
  • Colourway: Bluebell
  • Collection: Machair
  • Announce date: 4 July 2012
  • Release date: 5 July 2012
  • Blend: 60% cotton/40% linen
  • Weight (g/m2): medium
  • Product type: Ring sling, Wrap
  • Edition: Very limited
  • Amount made*: Very limited
  • Retail price (sz. 6): £112,00
  • Warp colour: Blue
  • Weft colour: Ecru
  • Weave: Jacquard
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Alto Bluebell

Alto Bluebell was previewed on 4 July 2012 as part of ‘the rest of the Machair collection’: “40% linen, lightweight wrap for the summer.” It was released the day after on 5 July 2012.

This is version one, the original (small) release. Alto Bluebell was re-released as a pre-order due to popular demand.

Machair Collection

“On North and Western seacoasts of Scotland and Ireland a special habitat has slowly been created by the windswept shell sand overlaying peat soil; the machair. From late May this fertile plain beside the sea bursts into bloom and a glorious meadow is created. Each machair boasts its own diverse species of wildflower in this unique habitat.

This Collection celebrates the beautiful scene; the colours of the wildflowers, sky and sea, all found in one of the rarest habitats in Europe.”


The pattern name Alto has been derived from Altocumulus, a meteorologic name for certain types of clouds. Alto means high and cumulus means heaped. The pattern features pairs of two clouds evenly spaced on the fabric, thus creating a repetitive pattern of Japanese style clouds. Released after the pattern ‘Strato‘, ‘Alto’ features more spaced clouds.


I believe the name refers to a plant that is commonly known as Harebell, but known in Scotland as Bluebell. In the British Isles, harebell flowers from July to November. Source: Wikipedia.


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