Japanese Knot Ooki Yuki



Japanese Knot Ooki Yuki

Japanese Knot Ooki Yuki is a wooly triblend prototype:

28 February 2012: “We have a few prototype thick wool ecru/ecru Japanese Knot Ooki wraps available if anyone is interested in trying something a bit different! The label says 46% lambswool, 34% cotton, 20% linen, but the wool content is actually higher as the yarn is thicker than the one we used in our winter woolly range this year. Please be aware that these will require some breaking in but are extremely supportive and super cosy. This is what we have:

1 x 4.8 pre-wash (should end up a long 5/short 6, this one is slightly narrower than the others) £113
1 x 3.2m (so will end up a long 2/short 3) £95
1 x size 4 £107
1 x size 1 £83
1 x RS £83”

9 March 2012: “We still have a size 1 and a RS in this – the RS is about 1.59cm long, price will be £79.”

Picture courtesy of Tatiana Shilova, RU Babywearing.


Solo lines of colourways and patterns. These are not linked to a Collection, being exclusive, stand-alone editions.
In this case, this being a prototype, it wasn’t planned as part of a Collection.

Japanese Knot Ookii

‘Ooki’ means ‘big’ in Japanese. The Japanese Knot design comes in two variations, Ookii and Chiisai (chiisai predictably meaning ‘small’).
Because the word ‘ooki’ is used as an adjective you will commonly see it written as ‘ookii’ or ‘ooki na’. Before 2016 Ookii was actually spelled Ooki in wrap names. As explained above, the correct way to write it is Ookii and this has been changed on Oscha’s website and FB page since 2016. Because many people know these wraps by their ‘old’ names, I have left those that have been originally released with the name ‘Ooki’ uncorrected.

Japanese Knot, Nouveau, Starry Night, Strato and Roses were the first jacquard woven patterns released in 2011.


Yuki is Japanese for ‘snow’, which seems to fit this natty prototype with wool very well. I think it was named Yuki by it’s testers; the name was later adopted by Oscha. There was also a Japanese Knot Chiisai Yuki prototype made in the same blend.

Additional information


Japanese Knot Ooki





Announce date

28 February 2012

Release date

28 February 2012


20% linen/30% cotton/50% lambswool

Weight (g/m2)


Product type

Ring sling, Wrap



Amount made*


Retail price (sz. 6)


Warp colour


Weft colour




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