Starry Night Amity

  • Pattern: Starry Night
  • Colourway: Amity
  • Collection: Prototype
  • Announce date: 5 July 2011
  • Release date: 6 July 2011
  • Blend: 100% cotton
  • Weight (g/m2): Unknown
  • Product type: Ring sling, Wrap
  • Edition: Prototype
  • Amount made*: 4
  • Retail price (sz. 6): Unknown
  • Warp colour: Green
  • Weft colour: Ecru
  • Weave: Jacquard


Starry Night Amity

Of this very early prototype named Starry Night Amity (the first SN!) only 3 wraps and 1 rs were ever made. The size 5 wrap (£70,-) and one ringsling were offered for sale on Facebook. The size 5 wrap was sold, the ring sling was offered for sale on July 6th 2011 on the website. 

5 July 2011: “We have the following prototypes available to buy: Starry Night green/ecru 5 (small weaving flaw) £70,  Starry Night green/ecru Ring Sling (pleated shoulder) £58. There are only 3 wraps and one RS made in this green/ecru Starry Night.”
” There are only 3 wraps and one RS made in this green/ecru Starry Night.”

As far as I know only one other pattern was made in this colourway: Roses Amity, 2 ring slings were auctioned for charity in 2012.

Fun fact: the picture features not only Oscha owner Zoe and her son, but also her cat named Osha (without the C), from which the company gets its name.


“Solo lines of colourways and patterns. These are not linked to a Collection, being exclusive, stand-alone editions.”
In this case, this being a prototype, it wasn’t planned as part of a Collection.

Starry Night

The third pattern released by Oscha, after Nouveau and Japanese Knot Ooki. The pattern may seem familiar – it’s part of Michael Miller’s fabric collection. This has no relation to the famous painting by Vincent van Gogh. Variations on this pattern are Orion and Silent Night.


Amity means ‘friendship’. Derived from the Latin ‘amicitas’ and ‘amicus’ which means ‘friend’. The only other wrap named Amity was the first Starry Night, then called ‘green-ecru’, made in the very early days of Oscha Slings. Of the SN Amity, only 3 wraps and 1 ring sling were made.


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