Alto Juliet v1



Alto Juliet

Alto Juliet v1, previewed on 21 May 2012 and released on 23 May 2012.

“We have teamed the beautiful warp colour of the Natural Mamas Exclusive with some ecru cotton and ecru linen to make 3 lovely new wraps.”

Because of popular demand  (and very limited items available in this first batch) it was up for pre-order later on: “We only wove a small amount (especially of the Roses and Alto) to use up the NMs warp but gauging from the feedback here its not gonna scratch the surface! Therefore we plan to weave more which would be ready in a few months.” (22 May 2012)

Website problems caused the release to be quite problematic. 25 May 2012: “If we haven’t been in contact about your order for one of the Juliets then you can now assume that your order stands and I’ll be working to post them all out by Monday. Now lets just hope all my calculations have been correct… :s Apologies again to those we’ve had to refund or whose orders have been altered. We are now upgrading our server and we hope this might make things go more smoothly. Of course there’s only one way to test it out but if this doesn’t work we’ll look at other options.”

Weight (241gsm) copied from wovenwrapsdatabase; unverified by Oscha. Price has not been verified either, it may have been £86,00.

Romeo & Juliet

While it seems this wasn’t originally planned to become a Romeo & Juliet collection (but who knows), this turned out to be the first of the collection. In 2013 a full collection was presented with purples (Juliet) and blues (Romeo). Three patterns were made on the Natural Mamas exclusive warp: Alto, Roses and Starry Night.

My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite. Two starcrossed warp hues, ecru with each, a Romeo or Juliet doth make. Woven from rich purple Juliet, or deep slate-blue Romeo, a noble Montague or Capulet, the addition of a novel weft hue creates. In fair Verona we lay our scene, further characters to play their parts in-between. 


The pattern name Alto has been derived from Altocumulus, a meteorologic name for certain types of clouds. Alto means high and cumulus means heaped. The pattern features pairs of two clouds evenly spaced on the fabric, thus creating a repetitive pattern of Japanese style clouds. Released after the pattern ‘Strato‘, ‘Alto’ features more spaced clouds.


Juliet Capulet is the female protagonist and one of two title characters in William Shakespeare’s romantic love tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Juliet is the only daughter of Capulet, the patriarch of the Capulet family. The story has a long history that precedes Shakespeare himself. Source: Wikipedia.

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Romeo & Juliet

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21 May 2012

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23 May 2012


100% cotton

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Very limited

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Very limited

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