Loveknot It Is My Love!


Loveknot It Is My Love!

Loveknot It Is My Love!: Part of the 2016 Romeo and Juliet collection, woven on the “Juliet-to-Romeo” warp grad that combines the signature colours of the Juliet and Romeo colourways in one warp. United at last! Announced on March 4th 2016, this was released on Mothering Sunday, March 6th 2016.

“Our own Celitc knot heart in vivid, jewel-like tones of turquoise green on a fade of purples to slate blue.

This is a cushy, strong cotton wrap that not only looks beautiful, but is suitable for everyone as well as being easy to care for.

50% organic combed cotton, 50% combed cotton, approx 277gsm.”

Care instructions: Wash at 30 degrees, avoiding bleach and fabric softener. Tumble dry warm. Hot iron.
Fabric composition: 50% organic combed cotton, 50% combed cotton.
Fabric weight: 277gsm approx.

Romeo and Juliet collection

A Collection of dark, romantic jewel tones, inspired by the archetypal star-crossed lovers tale.

My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.

The Romeo and Juliet collection was started in 2013, a teaser and the first pics were posted on 15 September. While the colourway ‘Juliet’ had already been released before, this collection introduced a variation of purples (Rosaline, Verona, Valentine, Escalus, Paris, Capulet) and blues (Romeo, Benvolio, Montague, Abram, Mercutio). The Romeo colourway has been used on a number of test runs/prototypes as well.

The 2016 addition to the Romeo and Juliet collection features the ‘Star-crossed lovers fade’, a warp gradation from Juliet purple to Romeo blue, combined with rich magenta, bright turquoise, black, white, ecru and, for the first time, a gradation weft especially made to harmonise with the warp. This is different from the grad weft that has been done before on for instance Sekai Jol and Rive Jig of Joy where the warp grad was repeated on the weft.


Introduced in this collection, the Romeo and Juliet collection, we haven’t seen much of Loveknot yet. The pattern seems to be a bit ‘fuzzy’ and hasn’t been very popular to date.

It is my love!

It’s a quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Act 2 scene 2:

“It is my lady. Oh, it is my love.
Oh, that she knew she were!”

Source: No fear Shakespeare.


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It Is My Love!


Romeo & Juliet

Announce date

4 March 2016

Release date

6 March 2016


50% organic combed cotton/50% combed cotton

Weight (g/m2)




Product type

Jacquard Keyring, Ring sling, Shawl, Wrap



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Warp colour

Blue, Purple, Slate blue

Weft colour