Japanese Knot Ooki Jura



Japanese Knot Ooki Jura

Japanese Knot Ooki Jura was previewed on 19 August 2011 and released along with Nouveau Islay, Starry Night Jura, Japanese Knot Ooki Oban, Nouveau Oban and Japanese Knot Chiisai Coll later that day.

“Deep aqua cotton warp with light turquoise cotton weft makes a sling that’s soft and deliciously comfortable. 100% cotton.”

A remark was added on the 19th: “Remember that we do have a few extras we will be adding over the next week or so. There will be no more Nouveau & JK Oban or Nouveau Islay though, they’ve all been made up now.” More items of Japanese Knot Ooki Jura were added on 20 August 2011. 

Weight (267gsm) copied from wovenwrapsdatabase and unverified by Oscha.

Western Isles Collection

“Inspired by summer boat journeys between Scotland’s West Coast Islands. Evoking images of the shallow turquoise water as the boat leaves the dock, moving into wide, deep waters. The fresh breezes, open blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Rocky coasts dusted with heather, everything fades and cools as the haar* rolls in. These weaves have a delicious deep silky lustre and sheen.”
*Haar (Scottish) is a thick mist, usually cold, typically blowing in from the sea.

26 November 2011: “We’ve had a lot of people asking how many jacquard weave wraps were made in each design/colourway: In the Western Isles Collection there are approx 26 wraps in each style. The extra’s we made by pre-order numbered around 8-10, except for Japanese Knot Islay of which there were around 4. Hope that clears things up!”

Japanese Knot Ookii

‘Ooki’ means ‘big’ in Japanese. The Japanese Knot design comes in two variations, Ookii and Chiisai (chiisai predictably meaning ‘small’).
Because the word ‘ooki’ is used as an adjective you will commonly see it written as ‘ookii’ or ‘ooki na’. Before 2016 Ookii was actually spelled Ooki in wrap names. As explained above, the correct way to write it is Ookii and this has been changed on Oscha’s website and FB page since 2016. Because many people know these wraps by their ‘old’ names, I have left those that have been originally released with the name ‘Ooki’ uncorrected.

Japanese Knot, Nouveau, Starry Night, Strato and Roses were the first jacquard woven patterns released in 2011.


Jura is an island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, adjacent and to the north-east of Islay. Compared with its fertile and more populous neighbour, Jura is mountainous, bare and infertile, covered largely by vast areas of blanket bog, hence its small population. In a list of the islands of Scotland ranked by size, Jura comes eighth, whereas ranked by population it comes thirty-first. It is in the council area of Argyll and Bute. Source: Wikipedia.

Additional information


Japanese Knot Ooki




Western Isles

Announce date

19 August 2011

Release date

19 August 2011


100% cotton

Weight (g/m2)


Product type

Ring sling, Wrap



Amount made*


Retail price (sz. 6)


Warp colour

Blue, Turquoise

Weft colour

Aqua, Blue, Green