Nouveau Islay



Nouveau Islay

Nouveau Islay was previewed on 13 August 2011: “Nouveau Islay 20% linen, from the Western Isles Collection… available soon!” Ring slings would also be available (mentioned on August 14th). Nouveau Islay was the first wrap revealed of the Western Isles Collection. They were released on 19 August 2011: “Everything we have ready should be listed on our website at around 1pm today.” All available Nouveau Islay wraps were listed that day. 

“Linen/cotton ecru warp with violet cotton weft. This elegant sling has a lovely handle and a gentle shimmer. 20%linen / 80% cotton.”

Weight (247gsm) copied from Slingofest and unverified by Oscha.

Western Isles Collection

“Inspired by summer boat journeys between Scotland’s West Coast Islands. Evoking images of the shallow turquoise water as the boat leaves the dock, moving into wide, deep waters. The fresh breezes, open blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Rocky coasts dusted with heather, everything fades and cools as the haar* rolls in. These weaves have a delicious deep silky lustre and sheen.”
*Haar (Scottish) is a thick mist, usually cold, typically blowing in from the sea.

26 November 2011: “We’ve had a lot of people asking how many jacquard weave wraps were made in each design/colourway: In the Western Isles Collection there are approx 26 wraps in each style. The extra’s we made by pre-order numbered around 8-10, except for Japanese Knot Islay of which there were around 4. Hope that clears things up!”


An Art Nouveau pattern designed by Mike Masters, co-owner of Oscha Slings (Zoe’s father). The Nouveau pattern was later further developed into the Liberty and Libero patterns and it’s a true Oscha classic.

“Nouveau is inspired by the Art Nouveau movement of the 1890- 1910. It was a time of harmonising with the natural environment and the belief that art should be a way of life. At Oscha, we truly believe in this ethos and it is always at the heart of our designs.”

Japanese Knot, Nouveau, Starry Night, Strato and Roses were the first jacquard woven patterns released in 2011.


Islay (ljə/ eye-lə; Scottish Gaelic: Ìle, pronounced [ˈiːlə]) is the southernmost island of theInner Hebrides of Scotland. Known as “The Queen of the Hebrides”, it lies in Argyll just south west of Jura and around 40 kilometres (25 mi) north of the Irish coast. Islay is the fifth-largest Scottish island and the seventh-largest island surrounding Great Britain, with a total area of almost 620 square kilometres (239 sq mi).

Its landscapes have been celebrated through various art forms and there is a growing interest in renewable energy. Islay is home to many bird species such as the wintering populations of Greenland white-fronted and barnacle goose, and is a popular destination throughout the year for birdwatchers. The climate is mild and ameliorated by the Gulf Stream. The fractal coast has numerous bays and sea lochs, including Loch an t-Sailein, Aros Bay and Claggain Bay. Source: Wikipedia.

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Western Isles

Announce date

13 August 2011

Release date

19 August 2011


20% linen/80% cotton

Weight (g/m2)


Product type

Ring sling, Wrap



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Retail price (sz. 6)


Warp colour


Weft colour

Pink, Violet