Kasumi Mistral Gagnant



Kasumi Mistral Gagnant

Kasumi Mistral Gagnant: Part of the group exclusive preorder ‘Péché Mignon’ by the Facebook group ‘Fanas d’Oscha (et autres raretés)’, this is a lovely soft wrap with a cottolin warp and a hemp weft. This sweetie inspired pre-order warp fades beautifully between rich purples and pinks, through warm coral tones to a stunning burnt orange. A dark purple weft lends this wrap a gorgeous warming tone: deep purple waves to jump out of this rich array of colours creating dreamy, candy coloured Kasumi wrap.

This is a strong breathable wrap which will need a little breaking in. Perfect for bigger kids, hemp and linen provide excellent support as well as a gentle shimmer, while organic combed cotton gives a little cushy softness which will only increase with wear.

30% organic combed cotton, 50% hemp, 20% organic linen, approx. 282gsm.

Fanas d’Oscha et autres raretés Facebook group exclusive

This collection, named Péché Mignon (which can be translated as ‘guilty pleasure’ or more literally as ‘cute sin’) contains 5 wraps. All wraps were named after sweets/desserts: (Alto) Bergamote, (Starry Night) Melba, (Kasumi) Mistral Gagnant, (Matrix) Sucre d’Orge and (Sekai) Berlingot. The entire warp was used for this group exclusive, there were no Oscha releases that shared the same warp (which would have made it a preorder instead of an exclusive). A few leftovers were posted on the website eventually.

The group exclusive was first mentioned to celebrate 1000 members in the group on 15 July 2014. The original aim was to have a new, exclusive design. When that didn’t work out (a definitive post was written on 14 January 2015, officially calling a halt to the proceedings so far) new polls were set up and four patterns were chosen: Starry Night, Alto, Sekai and Kasumi. Later, Matrix was added as a bonus pattern. Orders were opened on August 9th and closed on August 25th; the list was sent to Oscha on August 29th 2015. The first wraps were sent out on February 18th 2016.
More than 1500m of fabric was ordered, making this one of the most successful group exclusives.

The collection features a multicolour organic cottolin warp; the wefts feature camel/silk, viscose bamboo, organic combed cotton and hemp.


Kasumi and Rei are both based on the Okinami pattern, but they feature only the lower wave part. While Rei shows only waves, Kasumi has a border with a pattern that became known later on as Sekai.

Kasumi is a Japanese name (quite a few Manga characters bear the name) as well as a few other things. It literally translates to ‘Mist’. The source of the pattern name hasn’t been found (yet).

Mistral Gagnant

Mistral Gagnant was a type of candy that is no longer available. It was made of powdered sugar that fizzed on the the tongue in a way that was supposed to be as refreshing as the mistral wind. It was sold in a little envelope and the powder was sucked up with a black licorice straw. Some packets were marked inside with the word gagnant, or “winner” and the lucky boy or girl could trade it in for a free pack. Source: onequalitythefinest.com

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Mistral Gagnant


Exclusive, Péché Mignon

Release date

18 February 2016

Announce date

15 July 2014


20% organic linen/30% combed organic cotton/50% hemp

Weight (g/m2)


Product type

Jacquard Keyring, Ring sling, Scarf, Shawl, Wrap



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Retail price (sz. 6)


Warp colour

Coral, Orange, Pink, Purple

Weft colour