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Braid Victoria

Braid Victoria: Part of the group exclusive preorder ‘Noosa/Victoria’, a group set up especially for this preorder, a reweave of Oscha’s Oceania II grad. The preorder features an organic cotton warp with a wetspun linen or Egyptian cotton/cotton weft. It strives to duplicate the original grad with green, yellow, orange and red. An ecru or black weft contrasts nicely with the sunset tones of the warp. For Braid Victoria, the warp was paired with a black wetspun linen weft.

“A fade of burgundy and orange tones through sunshine yellow with a turquoise jade accent is complemented by a black weft bring a richness to this bright fade.

Organic wetspun linen weft brings a wonderful cushy support to this toddlerworthy sling, with a soft cotton warp bringing a lovely malleability. This wrap needs a little love to become fully broken in but will soften wonderfully with just a little wear.”

Qualities: Cushy, soft, toddler worthy, malleable, needs a little love

Care instructions: Wash at 30 degrees, avoiding bleach and fabric softener. Tumble dry warm. Hot iron.
Fabric composition: 49% organic combed cotton, 51% wetspun linen, 70cm wide.
Fabric weight: 324gsm approx.

Noosa/Victoria group exclusive

Eight wraps are featured in this group exclusive. These are Orion Noosa, Rei Noosa, Matrix Noosa, Laerad Noosa, Starry Night Victoria, Rei Victoria, Kasumi Victoria and Braid Victoria.

For the Egyptian cotton blends, a different yarn was used (an Egyptian cotton/cotton blend instead of a 100% Egyptian cotton yarn). Initially, there were two compensation offers for those who wanted to keep their items, and one for those who did not. Keep the item and get a 10% refund or keep it and get a 15% discount code for a future purchase. Or people could send it back and get a full refund. Later, this was amended to a 15% refund for those who kept the item or a full refund & 15% discount code for a future purchase for those who wished to return the item.
A 5% discount or a refund & a 5% discount code for a future purchase was offered to all. This was to compensate for the deep red of the end product not exactly matching the original (darker) colour. This was caused by differences in vibrancy due to the switch from TPX colours to TPG. The TPG colours are more environmentally friendly than the TPX ones.
A reweave was offered but due to a lack of interest this did not go through. The affected wraps are Orion Noosa, Laerad Noosa and Matrix Noosa.

Available products for this preorder: baby wrap, ring sling, cairis, coorie, strap protector, keyring, scarf, shawl, toy wrap, toy ring sling, wrap baby blanket, wrap blanket, 1m scrap.


“The Oscha Braid pattern has become an Oscha classic. Although it may be surprising to know that this pattern was not originally designed in-house. Back in 2012, we were contacted by members of ‘The Babywearer’, which was the hub for US and international babywearing chat, to make an exclusive wrap. They wished to have a unique design made by members of the group, the winner was the ‘Tree of Life’ pattern. However Zoe and Mike were personally interested in another entry to the design competition by Jamie Vandeloo; Braid. They were drawn to the strong, simple lines. It seemed to fit very well with the Oscha style of design; timeless, classic and elegant.

The pattern became an instant hit, with colourways such as Obsidian, Mallo, Pine & Rosehip being much appreciated by Oscha customers.

Braid has since been woven in a multitude of colours, from soft Islay to bold Brighid. It also lends itself very well to the multicolour fades. Even though it didn’t play a part in the original Oceania collection, it has since shone through in the Winter Solstice collection with Braid Norse. More recently it has featured in the recent Northern Isles collection as Braid Reel. Both home in on the northern spirit of Oscha and Oscha’s Celtic roots.”


Victoria (abbreviated as Vic) is a state in southeastern Australia. Victoria is Australia’s most densely populated state and its second-most populous state overall. Most of its population lives concentrated in the area surrounding Port Phillip Bay, which includes the metropolitan area of its state capital and largest city, Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city. Source: Wikipedia.

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Exclusive, Noosa/Victoria

Announce date

26 April 2017

Release date

1 November 2017


49% organic combed cotton, 51% wetspun linen

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Cairis, Jacquard Keyring, Ring sling, Scarf, Shawl, Wrap



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Green, Orange, Red, Yellow

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