Matrix Ursula



Matrix Ursula

Matrix Ursula is one of five patterns woven for the Oscha Team Purple group exclusive. The Purple Reign collection is an exclusive preorder by the group ‘Oscha Team Purple’. The collection features 5 patterns: Andaluz Maleficent, Sekai Megara, Matrix Ursula, Orion Narissa, Victoriana Briar Rose. Orion Narissa was a bonus pattern to keep the warp exclusive. It helped keep this collection exclusive (Oscha didn’t share the warp).

Order form opened on April 27th 2016 and closed on May 8th. Shipping started on October 4th 2016. Draw for extra extra’s on October 21st 2016.

“A rich purple warp and a simple black weft are a stunning combination on this versatile wrap. Woven with organic combed cotton for a cushy softness, and with wild silk for a little extra strength and a beautiful breathability.

Malleable straight out of the bag this wrap will soften with a little love to become much more floppy and soft. Perfect for all ages, this wrap is a great all-rounder.

56% organic combed cotton, 22% wild silk, 22% cotton, 261 gsm, 67cm wide.”

Purple Reign

The names of the wraps/colourways are based on mythology and fairy tales. Some might know them primarily from Disney movies. The names represent Dark (weft, villains) and Light (weft, princesses/maidens). Additionally, the whole collection’s name (Purple Reign) is a nod to the song ‘Purple Rain’ by artist Prince. He passed away on April 21st 2016, around the time the collection was finalised. The admin team decided on the definitive names for all items.

The purple pantone colour code is 2607C.


First released as ‘Matrix Satori’, this wasn’t regarded as a very popular pattern, until the release of preorder wrap Matrix Adara (black weft on a blue-purple warp). It was suggested that the popularity of Matrix was then increased by the popularity of striped handwoven wraps. Matrix has since become a popular pattern, both as regular releases and part of preorders.

Inspired by the movie ‘The Matrix‘ where green binary code flows vertically across a black computer screen, the release of Matrix Satori was accompanied by a fun photoshoot that featured clothes and accessories (sunglasses!) reminiscent of the movie.


The whole collection gets its names from characters from Disney movies. Matrix Ursula’s name comes from purple villain, sea witch Ursula. The move is based on the story written by Hans Kristian Andersen. The name ‘Ursula’ was a bit controversial because of the strong negative associations that went with it.

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Purple Reign

Announce date

26 April 2016

Release date

4 October 2016


56% organic combed cotton/22% wild silk/22% cotton

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Jacquard Keyring, Ring sling, Scarf, Shawl, Wrap



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