Elemental Collection

The Elemental Collection

“The Elemental Collection embraces the last days of winter, while pushing forward towards Springtime positivity. Harnessing the warmth of pastel tones to evoke a cosy, delicate feel this Collection aims to create an inner sanctuary – a cocoon against the windswept wilds of the late winter months, whilst reminding the wearer: spring is coming.”

This Collection was introduced 17 February 2017. It featured Amethyst as the key color and introduced 3 new colourways – Hope, Belle, and Crystaline. The Collection also features 3 exclusive warps. Source: Oscha Blog

Three new designs were introduced for this Collection – Croft, Sono, and Lace. They were introduced 3 March 2017. Source: Oscha Blog

The Collection is an ode to the Scottish skies featuring warm purple, teals, and pinks.