The Fades

From top to bottom: Oscha Fade Berry, Oscha Fade Marina, Oscha Fade Blackberry, Oscha Fade Aqua

Jaquard woven fades. These are no longer offered by Oscha but they were introduced in 2012. Four colours were available:

  1. Aqua (a blue fade, 100% cotton)
  2. Berry (a purple fade, 100% cotton)
  3. Blackberry (a dark purple fade, 100% cotton)
  4. Marina (a green fade, 50% linen/50% cotton)

A teaser was posted on 8 October 2012: “Are you ready to see something TOTALLY NEW?!”
Followed by another post the same day: “OK, good, you’re all ready…
well, have a good sleep and we’ll see tomorrow for our preview! ;p”

9 October 2012: “Introducing a new kind of gradation woven on a jacquard loom. Two of these (Berry and Aqua) are 100% cotton and Marina fades from a rich green/turquoise to natural linen.”
“We’ve used one colour warp and one colour weft and created a particular weave that gives this gradated effect, will try to get some pictures to show it in more detail. We’ll be listing them once the pre-orders are done. The ultimate aim is to select some colours that people especially like and continue to weave those on a regular basis.”
“The weave seems to make for a slightly thicker wrap, especially on Marina. Thanks everyone for your comments, keep the ideas coming, once people have seen these in the flesh we can get some more feedback and make decisions about what to make as standard lines.”

7 December 2012: “Fades will be listed tomorrow (8th December) at 11am GMT.”