Joining the Oscha Slings International Community (OSIC) Facebook group

Here’s a visual guide to help you get access to ‘OSIC’ (the Oscha Slings International Community Facebook group). The place to be to ask your questions, “geekery”, to have fun and admire Oscha items, and for buying, selling and trading said items.

Before you can join the group, you’ll have to set up a feedback link.

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Why do I need a feedback link?

There is a lot of buying, selling and trading (BST) going on in the group. Occasionally, something goes wrong, or could have gone better. In order to keep transactions going as smooth as possible and to prevent accidents from happening (again), members can leave each other feedback. Either positive or negative (and all of the shades of grey in between).

Many times in the past, items were offered for sale or trade (FSOT) by people without a feedback link and in a group of approximately 30.000 members it was becoming too much work to check and help everybody. This is why it is now mandatory to have your link setup before you join the group.

If you don’t intend to ever buy/sell/trade, you can forget about your feedback link like you never made it – but the admins still request that you set one up, just in case. And they thank you for taking the trouble to do so. It saves them a lot of time they can then spend on keeping the group a safe and fun space (or on their families ;)).

Your feedback link will be empty, initially. That’s OK, we’ve all had to start somewhere. You can add a link to existing feedback pages if you have them if they’re babywearing-related (so don’t add feedback for your local marketplace where you’ve once sold a table).


Setting up your feedback link & joining OSIC can be done in 4 steps.

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Step 1: Join the Feedback Group.

You can request to join by clicking the blue ‘Join group’ button.

Screenshot of the Feedback group, featuring a header image with instructions on top. Below that are the group title to the left and the blue 'Join group' button, circled in red, to the right.

You’ll have to wait until an admin has admitted you before you can proceed with step 2.


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Step 2: Upload a picture

Upload a (personal) picture to the group.

Add your picture to the group
If you’re using a desktop/laptop browser, you can use this link. Click ‘Add Photos/Videos’, pick one and click ‘Open’ (or whatever your browser tells you). Add text: “Feedback for <your name>” and that’s it.

If you’re using the Facebook app or the browser on your mobile phone, go to the group and make a post with a picture, see pictures below, circled in red:

In the feedback group, create a post with your chosen picture

Upload a photo from your device. Click ‘Add photo’, pick one, and click ‘Done’. Then add a first comment on it – you can tag yourself, or just type (again) “Feedback for <your name>”.

Not working? Try uploading a pic in the mobile-only thread.
Find the current one by scrolling down on the group’s page. It’s usually not too far down. You’re looking for an album named ‘Feedback for MOBILE users Only 2‘. Currently we’re in #2 so it’s called ‘Feedback for MOBILE users Only 2’ but this may change in the future 😉


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Step 3: Your ‘permalink’

Find your picture. You’ve just commented on it, so it should be one of the first picture you see when you scroll down the group’s wall (“discussion” tab).

App users
When you’ve found your picture, use the three dots in the upper right corner of your post. It should have the option for ‘Copy link’. It should look like this: That’s it! You have it!

To copy your feedback link, use the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your post, circled in red

Getting your link using your browser
If the app fails or you don’t use the app, it’s slightly more work to get the “fool-proof” feedback link. Find your picture using your browser and click on it. The link in your browser contains the “permalink” parameter we need. The link will look something like this: The part of the URL marked in black, the part after “&set=gm.” is the number you need. Copy it. Add it after this link: so that you end up with a link that looks like this: That’s it! You’re done!
(For the record, works as well. The trick is finding the ID that belongs to your picture that will get you a ‘permalink’.)

Save your feedback link
Might seem obvious but please do save that link somewhere. Facebook’s search often works only partially and feedback has been lost before. Mail it yourself or use any other method you prefer. It’ll save you a headache later on. Also, any other link will also contain other feedback posts, possibly confusing your B/S/T partners who want to leave you feedback.


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Step 4: (Re)join OSIC

If you’ve already tried to join without your feedback link, cancel your request and re-apply. Answer the questions and paste the feedback link you just copied. That should do the trick – all you have to do now is wait until we’ve checked your answers.

Have fun!


Can’t figure it out? Let us know by sending the admins a private message on the Oscha Slings International Community Admin page. They’re happy to help you out, but please remember, the admins have lives and families of their own so it may take a while for one of them to respond.