Islay & Coll preorder

7 September 2011: We have enough yarn left over to do a short run of Coll and Islay – these can be done in any of our patterns (Japanese Knot ooki or chiisai, Nouveau or Starry Night). What would everyone like to see?

8 September 2011: Thanks for everyone’s input on what do do with our spare yarn! – we’re now planning to do Starry Night & JK chiisai in Islay, and Starry Night & JK Ooki in Coll (both 20% linen). If you want one of these then please email us ( specifying which one and the size you would like. If too many people want the same type then we’ll pull names out a hat. The There will only be about 10 wraps available in each pattern/colourway. Anything left over we’ll list on the site.

10 September 2011: To those of you who have pre-ordered one of the new Islay or Coll – just to make you aware it will be approx 1 month before they are ready. Its possible it will be before that but I’ve found its better to add extra to my estimate! Please let me know if this is going to be an issue for you. I’m going to send out confirmation emails/invoices this evening or tomorrow.

13 September 2011: If anyone who ordered a Starry Night Coll has changed their mind or would like to swap to another colour/pattern then please get in touch. There’s a mama who is really keen to get one. There’s a small chance that there will be fabric left over, but just in case someone isn’t too sure about their order it would be nice to have something firmed up for her x

2 December 2011: A bit of news for our extremely patient customers who are waiting for Japanese Knot Coll Ooki – it is being made up into your wraps right now so I’ll be in touch next week to sort out payment of the balance. I’ll also add some pictures, hopefully later today to keep you going in the meantime!

Some quick pictures – hopefully you can see the lovely shimmer in some of them. It feels nice and soft too.

7 December 2011: Everyone should have received their second invoice for JK Coll Ooki now. We’ll list any that are left over on the website later today or tomorrow