Middle Earth collection

Long anticipated, teased a few times and now finally there: Wovens from Middle Earth, the official collection, inspired by the world of Tolkien, designed by Oscha.

From Oscha’s blog:

“We are proud to present The Middle-Earth Collection, the official collection of baby wraps and ring slings inspired by the world of J.R.R Tolkien.

This collection is the result of a long-held desire here at Oscha to create a collection inspired by the world set out in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Drawing inspiration from the rich tales in the works of Tolkien, and with exclusive rights from Middle-earth Enterprises, we have created a series of gorgeous designs steeped in a mythology that has enthralled generations of children and adults.


Our official Lord of the Rings collection features two lines: Middle-Earth and MithrilTM. The Mithril Collection is a Tolkien-take on our regular Boutique range: named for the rare & precious metal from the tales, this Collection reflects the coveted nature of its namesake, featuring wraps and ring slings made from luxurious yarns, in limited numbers, with exclusive design/colour combinations.”

9 August 2017, Clan Oscha, by designer Evonne:
“Oakenshield was one of the first designs I worked on here at Oscha – so different from anything else I’d ever done before!”