Noosa/Victoria preorder

A group was started with the single aim of re-creating the Noosa/Victoria warp that was part of Oscha’s Oceania II collection.

Blend and pattern voting took place in April 2017; shortly after ordering commenced. Orders closed on May 4th and it then became clear that wetspun linen Orion, Kiku Noosa and Matrix Victoria did not make the cut with too few orders made to justify weaving them. Laerad and Kiku changed to an Egyptian cotton weft instead of hemp to make it. Orders were reopened for a few days until May 7th. In the end Kiku had to be cancelled. Eight items survived the cut: Orion Noosa with Egyptian cotton, Matrix Noosa with Egyptian cotton, Rei Noosa with wetspun linen, Laerad Noosa with Egyptian cotton and Starry Night, Kasumi, Hanna and Braid Victoria with wetspun linen.

14 October, update:

“We heard from Vicki, and our fabric is leaving the weavers and heading to Oscha HQ. Unfortunately, there was an mistake with yarn thickness with our EGYPTIAN COTTON patterns Matrix, Laerad, and Orion. It was supposed to be: 60% Organic Combed Cotton, 40% organic Egyptian cotton and approx 280-290gsm. But now it will be: 71% Organic Combed Cotton, 29% organic Egyptian cotton and approx 230gsm.”

Compensation was offered: receive a 10% discount for items in those patterns OR 15% discount voucher off a future order and a full refund. This was met with dissatisfaction and Oscha answered with a good offer on October 26th:

“After further consideration around the incorrect blend of Laerad, Matrix and Orion Noosa, we have decided to offer those affected the opportunity to receive a 15% discount if you wish to keep your order, if you wish to return the order we will send you a 15% off discount code that you can use for a future purchase, by way of an apology. Unfortunately this particular issue was outwith our control as it was an error made by our weavers and we’d like to reassure you that this is extremely unusual. We have spoken with our mill and they are fully aware of how disappointed you all are with the composition of your order.

Furthermore, we have noticed a small variation between the ‘maroon’ colour and the original Noosa colourway. The colour has turned out slightly lighter due to a change from the old TPX dying system and our new environmentally friendly TPG system which tends to run a little less bright than the old dyes. Unfortunately the variation in colours was not preempted at our end, where an alteration to the Pantone colours could have been selected to make them closer to the original colourway of Noosa.

For this oversight, we are sorry and believe that while the warp looks very similar to the original Noosa, colourways it does look slightly altered in the red section. It is less apparent in the Victoria colourway as it’s darkened by the black weft. Please see images attached. For this reason, we would like to offer 5% off to anyone who wishes to keep their purchase, or a full refund & 5% discount code that they can use on a future item.

As you can see there are two issues here, therefore those who have ordered a Laerad, Matrix & Orion wrap, will receive 20% off their item if they wish to keep it and 20% off a future order if they wish to receive a full refund.”

Shipping started on November 1st 2017.