Payment methods

14 December  2013: Paypal added

18 December 2012: “We are in negotiation with Paypal to see if they will address some of our concerns and problems…if that works out, we will give a return to them serious consideration……watch this space.

22 November 2012: “We’ve chosen to use the Realex/HSBC payment gateway in future, where you can check out using a debit or credit card. Whilst we know that PayPal is convenient for many people we have found them very difficult business partners. If you wish to use your paypal balance there are a few options or you can simply transfer the funds to your current account and use your debit card.

19 July 2012: No more layaway: “Regarding layaway plans: we’ve had a number of people asking for these for the pre-order. When we were first asked we didn’t really consider the implications, but since this subject has been talked about online and lots of people are asking now we’ve realised it would become a bureaucratic nightmare. So we’ve regretfully taken the policy decision that we won’t entertain this option in future. We will however honour any agreements we have made to date. Apologies if this inconveniences anyone.

17 January 2012: “We’ve introduced paypal express, which should be more convenient and faster to check out.”

30 December 2011: “For all of you who’ve been having problems paying with paypal through our website (especially all of our Russian customers): we’re trying out something and so far it seems to be working (fingers crossed!).