Islay & Coll preorder

Introduction: 1 September 2020

7 September 2011: We have enough yarn left over to do a short run of Coll and Islay – these can be done in any of our patterns (Japanese Knot ooki or chiisai,
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My Oscha… throws preorder

Introduction: 26 January 2018

The second preorder of the My Oscha preorder group that first did a mug preorder. This preorder features throws and baby blankets on the “Frost”
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Celebration Custom Collection

Introduction: 18 December 2017

On December 11th 2017, a special announcement was made in Clan Oscha:

“We have a special announcement today:

**Celebration Custom Collection**

We’d like you to help us design a bespoke Collection featuring patterns chosen by Mike &
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Middle Earth collection

Introduction: 11 November 2016

Long anticipated, teased a few times and now finally there: Wovens from Middle Earth, the official collection, inspired by the world of Tolkien,
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Botanical collection

Introduction: 3 May 2016

Botanical Collection

“Taking inspiration from the colours, shapes and forms of plantlife. The first additions to this Collection are woven on a dazzling purple to magenta fade reminiscent of beautiful &
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Coastal collection


“Refreshing, enlivening and calming: the Oscha Coastal Collection evokes qualities of being by the ocean.

From deep blues and sandy shores to sunsets over rippling waves and turquoise lagoons,
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Introduction: 25 April 2016

“Solo lines of colourways and patterns. These are not linked to a Collection, being exclusive, stand-alone editions.”

2016: “Solo lines of colourways and patterns.
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My Oscha…

Introduction: 23 April 2016

On the collection.