Misty Mountains

Introduction: 12 January 2023

A Middle-Earth pattern, based on the original drawings of J.R.R. Tolkien.



A lotus flower pattern, designed by Oscha customer, Eugenia who is an illustrator and mother of two kids from Ukraine. A little note from the designer: “I love children, plants and draw patterns, especially patterns with plants. It is incredibly happy and proud that Oscha wove my pattern and now mothers around the world will […]

Realm of Middle-Earth


Formerly known as Map of Middle-Earth, “Realm” depicts just that, a map of Middle-Earth.



More information to follow.


Introduction: 2 October 2020

21 March 2013: “Here are some pics of the final test weave of Meander (this is in black and ecru so obviously the pre-order colours will be different). This design is an exclusive for the Finnish Babywearing Community, designed by Annamaria Mitchell and woven by Oscha. The pre-order closes on Saturday 23rd March at 11pm […]



This pattern was first introduced as part of the 2013 Deep Forest Collection. Phaise Juniper was het first run, although (of course) a tester had been woven. “Introducing a new pattern, here a fade of colour is created using subtle patterns in the weave. The first few images are of Phaise Juniper, which is part […]


Introduction: 1 September 2020

A teaser went out for this pattern on 5 January 2012: “So is anyone ready to see the third new design?”. Eden marked the third new design of the Winter Solstice Collection, after Strato and Roses. A post on 6 January 2012 contained both Eden Caprica and Eden Blue Ice. Eden Caprica was a 50% […]


Introduction: 5 March 2019

First released as ‘Victoriana Nahua’, this pattern was originally considered a ‘group exclusive’ pattern but was later released to Oscha for general use and could thus be used for preorders too. Victoriana Nahua was a small preorder of 19 items and a few extras. Designed by Jaiken O’Dowd, this is what she says about the […]


Introduction: 21 December 2017

Released after the successful Starry Night Pattern, Orion has remained something of an underdog compared to Starry Night. However it has gained its own fanbase and remains a steady presence in Oscha’s diverse range of patterns. A few have gained something of a unicorn status, mostly due to the blend, like Orion Argentum (Sea Island […]


Introduction: 19 December 2017

Nov 14, 2017: “We see Pavonis as a development of the design and we would prefer to weave it as Pavonis- however we could weave Mayura on request.”