Roses pattern

Oscha introduced the Roses pattern with the Winter Solstice Collection at the end of 2011. Roses Noel was the first edition of this Mackintosh-inspired design. Oscha teased a second run of the pattern on 22 December 2011: “Yes we have one in 100% cotton as well (not in this colourway)”. This turned out to be Roses Ember.

They were available in small numbers: “Just to say that I’m afraid we don’t have so many of them since we didn’t have any feedback on the design when they were woven and there’s so much in this collection”. But there was hope: “We’ll have a chat about weaving more of these, we had no idea that it would be so popular.”

“Our popular design which takes much inspiration from Rennie and Margaret Macintosh.”

Roses Islay
Linen/cotton ecru warp with violet cotton weft. This elegant sling has a lovely handle and a gentle shimmer. 20%linen / 80% cotton.

Roses Zen
Linen cotton ecru warp with black cotton weft, which has a delightful lustre. This sling has a lovely handle, is durable and comfortable. 20%linen /…