A note on release dates

Release dates are generally the date when the items were listed on the website. However, in the early days of Oscha invoices were sometimes sent for items that were ‘pre-ordered’ or ‘spoken for’ and after that, remaining items were listed on the website. I have decided to go with the first date that wraps were sold, so this may not always be the exact same date that items were actually available on the website.

The same goes for later date pre-orders, mostly group pre-orders and exclusives. Because these are not always listed on the website (and if so, always long after they have been sent to those who pre-ordered), I have listed the date that the first items were sent out to those who pre-ordered.

When an item has been especially made for a conference, I have listed the first date that they could be collected.

This does not go for wraps that were sold ‘early’ on conferences, like Starry Night Auckland. In that case, the first ‘release’ date has of course been noted in the description, but I have chosen to pick the official release date when it was released on the website, because this rarely happens and these early sales are not very widely known to the public at large.