Winter Solstice/Valentine Preorder

21 February 2013:
Starry Night and Valentine Roses Pre-order
The following items will be available to pre-order:

  • Starry Night Nebula (25% wild silk, 75% cotton)
  • Starry Night Midnight (100% cotton)
  • Starry Night Raven (50% linen, 50% cotton, medium weight)
  • Roses Vanilla (25% wild silk, 75% cotton)
  • Roses Vanilla (25% wild silk, 20% linen, 55% cotton)
  • Roses Eros (50% combed cotton warp, 50% cotton weft, heavy weight; 270/280 gsm)
  • Roses Aphrodite (50% combed cotton warp, 50% linen, heavy weight; 275gsm/285gsm)

Please note that Vanilla Roses does have small dark flecks, hence the name Vanilla, the version with linen will have more of these as they are also in the 20% linen warp thread.

Please note that the red thread for Roses Eros and Aphrodite is only available to us in a limited quantity, and whilst the quantity is quite large we will have to close that aspect of the pre-order once we reach that limit.

A 10% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your order, this does not include any shipping costs. You will receive an invoice for the balance when your sling(s) are ready, once this has been paid we will ship your item(s) to you.

All orders are non-transferable and we cannot combine or separate different orders. If you wish to save on shipping by purchasing a group order with your friends, please arrange this between yourselves prior to order, thank you.

Purchases will be sent to the shipping address entered at the time of ordering. If you have placed one order for several items you will pay a combined shipping rate and they will all be sent together.

We aim to send out all of the orders within 3-4 months, however this may be subject to change.

The pre-order will be listed on our website within the next couple of days, we’ll update as soon as we can on this.

We’ll try to answer some of the questions below. First I want to correct a bit of info – the shipping address you enter when you pay the final invoice (when the wraps are ready) is the one your wraps will be sent to.

  • Eros will be hemmed with red background and white roses.
  • Ring slings, toy slings and size 8 wraps will be available.
  • Payment can only be made through credit and debit cards.
  • Unless otherwise stated the weight of the wraps is about 240gsm.
  • There are currently no plans to place limits on no. of wraps ordered.
  • The pre-order should be open for around 3 days.
  • We are still working through some technical issues and will give firm time slots for this as soon as we possibly can.
  • Combed cotton has been ‘carded’ so all the fibres are aligned in one direction, shorter fibres and impurities are also removed in this process, it makes for a softer, stronger and more high quality yarn.
  • Will add prices tomorrow

Hope that covers everything!

22 February 2013:

The pre-order will be on our website from Saturday 23rd February at around 10.30am GMT until Monday 25th February at around 11pm GMT.

Some good news – we have sourced more of the combed cotton used for Eros and Aphrodite, it is a teeny, tiny bit different in shade, but it means we will no longer need to limit quantities. So please take your time to order over the period the pre-order is up.

We are not doing scarves this time.

25 February 2013:

We are allowing a period of grace of 1 week in which you can cancel your pre-order and your deposit will be refunded. After March 4th we can cancel your order but deposits will not be refunded.

Please note that we are UNABLE TO ALTER ANY ORDERS and you cannot cancel and re-order preferred items after the close of the pre-order at 11pm GMT tonight (this includes changing items as well as sizes).