Yuki is Japanese for ‘snow’, which seems to fit this natty prototype with wool very well. I think the Japanese Knot Ooki prototype was named Yuki by its testers; the name was later adopted by Oscha. There was also a Japanese Knot Chiisai Yuki prototype made in the same blend.

28 February 2012: “We have a few prototype thick wool ecru/ecru Japanese Knot Ooki wraps available if anyone is interested in trying something a bit different! The label says 46% lambswool, 34% cotton, 20% linen, but the wool content is actually higher as the yarn is thicker than the one we used in our winter woolly range this year. Please be aware that these will require some breaking in but are extremely supportive and super cosy. This is what we have:
1 x 4.8 pre-wash (should end up a long 5/short 6, this one is slightly narrower than the others) £113
1 x 3.2m (so will end up a long 2/short 3) £95
1 x size 4 £107
1 x size 1 £83
1 x RS £83

August 2012: “Quite a while ago we sold some JK Yuki (ecru/ecru) THICK wool prototypes (so thicker than the regular weight lambswool wraps that were part of the Solstice Collection). We were wondering if anyone who purchased one or know of someone who did would mind getting in touch to let us know how you’re getting on with them? We’d love to hear from you 🙂

Would you maybe send us an email about how you found the ooki, especially as you’ve had the regular wool wraps to compare it to? We’d especially like to know about breaking it in – length of time/if it softens quite easily. We tried them out and felt they were very cushy, supportive and cosy but possibly a little beastly! So would just like to know if the wool feels ok, especially after some use. I think this blend had linen in it as well.

The chiisai was our original tester for the wool wraps so all the woolies we’ve done are the same weight as it. The ooki was a much thicker wrap, and the wool content in it is higher.

Customer feedback:

I however can tell you that it was by far the most supportive RS I have ever tried, it worked with both my pre-schooler and my toddler..and they are top percentile for their age.

I had the chii saii version. It was thick and supportive. After a good over night conditioning it softened up a bunch. It was still very scratchy after that. I tried sitting on it, pulling it though rings, twisting it etc. it softened a bit more but still too scratchy for my delicate skin. I ended up trading it for another Oscha.

I have a long Chiisai Yuki and an Ooki Yuki shorty. The latter is great as a shorty for a teething baby – just the right amount of thickness and cush for a warm one-layer carry. I do not find it beastly at all, but you that I like my wool scratchy. 😉